Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take a boat away overnight?

Our boats can be taken away, as long as you have a suitable mooring and the owners permission, and that you are competent with tying it on safely.

Are there many places to moor overnight with the Cornish Shrimpers or Jeanneau Sun 2500?

There are plenty of places to moor overnight, please see the following links for more information, booking may be required.

Falmouth Visitors Yacht Haven

Pasco’s Boatyard, St Just

St Mawes

Helford River

You are more than welcome to stay on our pontoon overnight on the Cornish Shrimpers (this can dry out on spring low tides) or anchor overnight if the conditions are suitable.

Are there toilets?

There are plenty of places to stop where you can use the toilet but there are none onboard the Cornish Shrimpers or picarooners. The Jeanneau Sun 2500 has a heads.

When can we hire your boats?

April – October, 9am-6pm,

July – August we also run evening hire – enquire for details

There are 7 of us, can we fit on the 6 person boat?

Our boats are licensed for a maximum of 6 people, including babies.

Is there an age restriction?

All ages are allowed as long as someone over 18 is in charge of the boat.

Are the boats easily accessible?

Yes, our boats are moored on our pontoon, which can be accessed via the slipway with no steps involved. The boats are at the same height as the pontoon so they are easy to step into. For Jeanneau Sun 2500 please inquire when booking.

When can we get to the Pandora?

Call up and ask us for the tidal information for that day but the Pandora’s pontoon will generally only accessible 2 hours either side of high tide.

Can we stop off anywhere?

There are many pontoons to stop off at including the Pandora Inn and St Mawes (both tide dependent), Falmouth, the heron Inn (Malpas) and Trellissick House, or drop the anchor in a peaceful spot to enjoy a picnic.

How fast are the boats, what can we do in a day?

As our picaroooners are licensed for non-experienced people they are not speed boats. Though, you can explore the whole of the River Fal in a day, from our pontoon it will take approx.:

Falmouth – 40 mins

St Mawes – 50 mins

Trellissick House – 40 mins

The Pandora Inn – 20 mins

How far can we go?

Our motor boats can explore the far reaches of the river fal (tide dependent) to St Anthonys Lighthouse, whereas our Cornish Shrimpers and Jeanneau Sun 2500 can go a little further into Falmouth Bay and the Helford River.

Are the boats hard to drive?

Our motorboats are very easy to drive and we will run through all of the controls upon arrival.

Do you need previous experience?

Our motorboats need no previous experience.

Sailing experience is required for our Cornish Shrimpers.

For Jeanneau Sun 2500 booking someone onboard will need a day skipper licence and relevant experience

We will ask for your experience at the time of booking.

Is fuel included?

Yes, a full tank of fuel is included in the price.

Do we need to book in advance?

Yes, we always encourage booking in advance to avoid disappointment. It is best to book as soon as you have a date in mind.

Do you provide lifejackets?

Yes they are inducing in your booking, buoyancy aids a provided for the Motor Picarooners bookings and manual lifejackets for the Cornish Shrimpers and Jeanneau Sun 2500 bookings

Do you have to count small children in the numbers?

Yes. All of the boats have a legal maximum of passengers, this is not based on age. Please see T&C for boat capacity.

Are you pet friendly?

We welcome pets on board our boats but there are some limits so please read the boat information on your fleet page. The boat capacity is based on people, please consider the size of your pet when booking

What if I want to cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking with less than 48 Hours’ notice will not be entitled to a refund. If you cancel with more than 48 Hours’ notice but less than one week then you will receive a voucher to an equivalent value to be redeemed with 1 year. To receive a full refund of your booking deposit you will need to give over one weeks’ notice.

How do I pay?

No booking is regarded as confirmed until a 50% deposit is received. You can pay this deposit via bank transfer or via card over the phone. We do not accept Amex.

The full payment due on the day of hire. If you book 48 hours or less before the booking date then you will need to pay in full.

Can I fish on the boat?

You can fish on our boats but we do not provide any fishing equipment.  We ask you dispose of your rubbish disposal and leave the boat tidy. Read T&C regarding clearing charges. You must the boat tidy and clean. Please take everything home at the end of your boat trip. No not do any fish prep in the boat. Read T&C regarding clearing charges

Can we bring our own food and drink?

We do not mind you bringing your own food and drink. You must the boat tidy and take everything home at the end of your boat trip. Read T&C regarding clearing charges

Do you have parking on site?

There is a public car park on site, it is pay and display. The machine only accepts coins, there is currently no pay by phone or card option. Please make sure you bring some change and allow time before the start of your session to organise parking. If the first car park you reach is full there is more parking available up the valley just past Cafe Mylor. The charges are £1 per hour for the first 4 hours booked then £5 for all day.

How long do I get on the water?

The booking time incudes a safety briefing and filling in booking form.

Half day booking – 3.5 hours

Full day booking – 7 hours

Evening bookings times may vary so please require when booking.

What time shall I arrive for my booking and what if I am late for my booking?

You will be given a start time for your booking, please arrive on time. There is a 15min grace period after this you maybe required to wait until the next available briefing slot.

Your booking is based on your start time, if you are late for your booking, you will lose time on the water. You will still be required to have your boat back on time, for example, if your booking is 9am to 12.30pm then the boat will need to back at 12.30. For fees for late returns please see T&C

How do I book?

For all booking enquires please email or call us, we do not take booking via our social media platforms. No booking is regarded as confirmed until a 50% deposit is received. You can pay this deposit via bank transfer or via card over the phone. We do not accept Amex.

If a deposit is made via bank deposit, we require you to send as an email to confirm when this is done.

The full payment due on the day of hire. If you book 48 hours or less before the booking date then you will need to pay in full when booking.