Covid-19 Customer Procedures



These procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all our staff and customers. 

We will not be able to offer hire sessions unless all of the actions below are adhered to at all times. 


How have we adapted the daily running of Mylor Boat Hire?

To conform with the Government guidlines, we have changed our daily practices at Mylor Boat Hire. We have put in new measures and safety areas to encsure that there is no physical contact between staff and customers and a social distancing of 2 metres at all times is adhered to, and where necessary 1 metre with the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). New Operating Procedures have been put in place for all staff so that we can offer hire sessions but maintain a strict level of saftey to reduce risks.


Covid Symptoms Information

Please check the Governent Guidlines on the symptoms of Covid-19 Coronavirus. If you or anyone in your party show any of the symptoms, you must follow the Government Guidlines as laid out in their current guidance. This will mean that we cannot provide any hire session for you or anyone in your household. 

Please also note that if you develop any of the symptoms within 14 days after your session with us, that you must report this to us immediately so that we can share this information with anyone that you may have come into close contact with. We may need to share your personal contact details with the NHS and other professional bodies if we have any reports of other customers developing symptoms of the coronavirus. 


Customer Covid Protocols

1. Staggering of Customer arrival – Sessions will have staggered starting and finishing times throughout the day. This will ensure that the arrival area and pontoon are kept as clear and clean as possible. 

2. Participants – Due to the size of our boats, all participants must be from the same household. 

3. Arrival time – All participants must arrive 15 minutes before the session time and be ready to go out on the water. Failure to do so may mean that your session is put back by more than an hour or cancelled

4. Signs and reminders – There will be many signs around the centre as reminders as to where you can and cannot go, please take your time to read these and ensure you are adhering to them at all times.

5. Before you arrive – You must allow sufficient time to find parking and buy a ticket. The cafe will be open for takeaway food however they may be extremely busy so we recommend you bring your own provisions or allow extra time for ordering.

6. Arrival – Members of staff will advise and guide you through our strict protocols throughout your time with us. Please always stay at least 2 metres from our staff, and listen very carefully to all the information they give you. 

7. Equipment – All sanitising and cleaning of kit areas and boats will be in place as per the Government Guidlines. There will be a rotation of kit i.e bouyancy aids and some kit put into quarantine after being cleaned. For this reason some equipment may still be a little damp. All participants need to be able to don their life jacket or bouyancy aid and be capable of getting on and off the boats without our assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation during the pandemic and we hope you understand the necessity for all of the new systems that we have had to put in place to operate safely and help to protect our staff and customers.